Are you looking for an artist to create a custom artwork for you or as a gift? I'm here to offer my services as a digital illustrator! If you'd love to have a painting artwork, a pet painting, or a fantasy piece, I'd love to get in contact with you!

I'm Tom, an austrian digital illustrator! My personal artworks involve subjects I adore to see and am intrigued by. From objects we see in nature to fictional stories, true inspiration can come from anywhere in the world!

My goal as an artist is to create beautiful high quality paintings! Paintings that are jaw-dropping, that catch your attention, and give you a warm and incredible feeling!



Creating portrait paintings, animal artworks, and drawing people has always been my passion in life. From a very young age, lots of different things such as video games, movies, art, nature, and fantasy have inspired me to create stunning artworks of my own. With my stylized paintings, I create natural as well as realistic shapes but if needed slightly stretch and change these around in order to achieve a more beautiful and breath-taking result that is best fit for the piece.

All of my paintings here you see are made digitally on a computer. A graphic tablet allows me to paint on the screen and turn it into a canvas. The style of my digital paintings and my workflow are forged by the digital medium. For a project, working very transparent and closely with the client is very important to ensure the success of the final artwork.

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