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For anyone interested in ordering, read this:

Terms of service for clients:

  • Deadlines need to be agreed upon beforehand. Very short deadlines might be charged an extra rush fee.
  • Payments are only able through PayPal, using EURO or USD as the currency, 100% up front.
  • Please provide a description of the subject (what are the goals of the artwork, what's the focus) along with good reference images.
  • An extra design fee might be applied if no reference images are provided and if you would like me to draw based only on the description.
  • The complexity of the artwork might change the price. (Complex jewelry or tattoos, …)
  • You need to make sure you have all the needed permissions for the use of any character that is not your original creation.
  • Characters from pop culture are accepted.
  • Changing the commission after its completion is possible if there was a misunderstanding or a communication mistake.


  • Commissions are generally non-refundable.

Conditions for refunds are:

  • I haven't started working on the commission.
    (must be within 1 week from when payment was made)
  • I can't provide the artwork for any reason.


  • The final artwork is only for personal use. The rights for commercial use must be purchased.
  • Please remember to always credit and link back to me if you post the artwork online.
  • I hold the rights over my commissions. (post in my galleries, publicity, prints, graphics, merchandise, …)
  • I reserve the right to livestream and record the creation of the painting.
  • I reserve the right to decline or discontinue a commission at any time.

Thank you!